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Entry #14

Bombs bursting in Air

2011-05-05 17:36:05 by mega48man

i'd love to put this on the art portal, it is technically a painting which abides by the rules of the portal, but alas the art portal is rigged so only the higher class can get in. i'll wait for that day to come when i'm scouted by someone other than an idiot.

this is a sick stencil graffiti piece i made. it's very similar to the last one i made with the exception that it's much bigger and i've incorporated the use of triple layer stencils; my face and the fire. the fire is totally taken from green day's 21st century breakdown, and i admit to taking it, so no calling me out on it.

if you like it and you haven't ever been unscouted from the art portal and you're an artist yourself, please scout me, that'd be grand!

Bombs bursting in Air


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