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did i just watch a twisted version of a pilot episode of pokemon? a more pressing question, why is my boner so unbearably hard right now?

why do i love this so much, i thought i was done being 13. bravo, even if this is from 2009

(wtf is this new rating system, i don't even)

anyways, this is really good, i can't wit to see the finished product, this song is great and your pacing is good.

one thing though; when the earth girl goes blind, you should take out all color from her eyes. i know you changed her eye color to show she went blind, but i didn't really notice that happened until the end when she got her vision back. taking the color out of her eyes is a much better way to show some one's lost their vision.

so yeah, can't wait to see that! hope you follow my advice!

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this is insane!

i mean it! there's probably something out there that does this better, but i haven't seen it, and this is on newgrounds. i can use this to find new bands for genres i like or genres i want to find more artists in. and imagine how many other people who find this could be exposed to good music! hell, i saw pendulum show up on my first luck search, that says something! (but there's also a bunch of really random forgein stuff. i'm not against it, but when it's really random i just go right to the skip button)

sorry chum

i see you put a ton of work into it, the whole "evolution revolution" really grabbed me and sucked me in. the evolution path and awesome soundtrack was pretty sweet to, and the visuals looked fantastic, but as a game, i felt it was lacking fun, at least for a while.

top down shooters aren't as fun if it's auto-fire, at least make auto-fire an unlockable or cheat. the procedurally generated enemies are nice, but there's no fun it's predictable from the very start. learning which ways the ships go through experience is much more fun, it gives a challenge to the game and it's much more engaging for the player.

however, it got a lot more fun once dogging bullets becomes the primary concern over blasting baddies. and beating the first mini-boss is quite satisfying. but what was that about secondary fire increased? is there a second weapon i don't know about? a tutorial or button map for these things would be nice to.

so i'm not saying it's a bad game, i'm just thrown off by how non-traditional it is. take raidenx for example, in my opinion it is one of the greatest top-down jet fighter flash games of all time (and i have beaten it, the ending is so glorious and satisfying). raidenx should be used as a template for future top-down shooter games.

this is great!

i know how hard it is to make flash, i've done it myself, and this shows you guys put work into making a something really funny and entertaining, ioved the whole idea of it, great job!!!

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i have never laughed so fuckin hard i cried. on youtube i honestly thought this was the new song when second. how the fuck do i make this my ringtone? give me 10 minutes...




shoulda put this down as techno, i love that synth

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sweet, it's hellboy. i love it! i really wanna take this picture and make a multi-layer grafitti stencil out of it. i'll get around to it after my AP exams!

g4mbi7girl responds:

lemme know what it looks like if you do that!

love it

hey, it's me again. and like last time, i love it. there is honestly nothing more you can do to improve this piece (except give the green background a CBGB make over, but it probably works best with the chalk board green. that and the white text give it a school look).

i love it!

i love that combination of photography and illustration! why didn't i think of that?! brilliant! (and i love punk rock)

and after giving a big presentation to a panel of art judges for my work about the history of punk rock, i gotta correct you about the 60's. punk rock has it's roots in MC5 and The Stooges in the LATE 60's in detroit. of course, they weren't punk at the time. Punk rock began to develop in the early 70's in new york with bands like the ramones, talking heads, blondie, etc. Malcom McLaren, a British fashion designer, tried to create the fashion for the New York Dolls, which failed. he then went back to london to create a clothing shop called "SEX". he wanted a way to make his clothing popular, so he recruited a couple kids who hung around his shop and created "the sex pistols" (this is all in the early-mid 70's kids). the sex pistols essentially became the first anarcho punk band. the sex pistols did much better than the new york dolls because england was in an economic rut, which gave frustration to the unemployed youngers who became punk rockers. following that in the mid 70's, a group of kids said "that looks easy!" and became the clash; the true definitive brittish punk band.

so there, that was part of the presentation i gave the judges, and now i gave part of it to you.

anyway, to make sure this comment doesn't get deleted for not being helpful, i noticed that the punk's leg looked kind of flat and i noticed that you used a blend of different shades to create the shape which works on his right leg. his left leg has the light on it so it's harder to see. try a solid line dividing the different shades instead of a blend, this really defines shape.
do the same thing for the puke, the puke looks like a sticker on a picture. by adding some lines (to make it look like a hill side or a mountain i guess) it will begin to look more like a pile than a flat thingy. either that or make it more of an oval instead of a circle to show perspective.

anyway, awesome! love the way it looks! i'll be watching for more of your stuff! come check out some of my stuff to! (are we allowed to use photography in our gallery?)

KrepzBR responds:

thank you dearly for your tips, I was very glad you liked it.
sorry for my english, I'm using the google translator.

what I have written below the drawing, a letter is translated from a hard core band here in Brazil, very cool and old.
are you sure about the history of punk rock was in the '70s that started it all, I know.
I translated the lyrics of the song wrong, but I'll fix the decade.

about design: this drawing I made in tribute to two bands here in Brazil, they started the punk around here a long time ago, the name of the bands in English is ''Rotten Boys'' (with music''vomited on the train !'') and ''Screaming H.C'' (with music ''old punk''), both songs are really cool and tell stories that happened inside the train.

It is the first time in drawing up a picture, liked your tips and understood what you said ... I try not to make that mistake again. thanks man, thanks a lot.

we talk soon, I will now check your gear ; )
I hope you understand what I wrote.

i dont know can use pictures in the gallery .

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