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did i just watch a twisted version of a pilot episode of pokemon? a more pressing question, why is my boner so unbearably hard right now?

why do i love this so much, i thought i was done being 13. bravo, even if this is from 2009

(wtf is this new rating system, i don't even)

anyways, this is really good, i can't wit to see the finished product, this song is great and your pacing is good.

one thing though; when the earth girl goes blind, you should take out all color from her eyes. i know you changed her eye color to show she went blind, but i didn't really notice that happened until the end when she got her vision back. taking the color out of her eyes is a much better way to show some one's lost their vision.

so yeah, can't wait to see that! hope you follow my advice!

newgrounds needs more of this humor and talent

well lazy muffin, you never dissapoint (sp). honestly, saw this on memebase first about a week ago, but thanks to an email update i'm watching it on newgrounds for the first time. still, loved it, classic lazy muffin humor, don't change a thing pal. gold star for you.

OH, this comment below me from Naruto46346753839262....all i can say is WOW, you're the stereotypical 13 year old on newgrounds.


you damn well get brony points. point off being so short :3

:3 i approvez

i are very amused %u2267%u25E1%u2266

gotta love the old megaman

holy shit

the last of the super sayain spartans versus giant posiden god with gyarados monsters. f**kin awesome


Almost a quarter of the people around the world who frequently use the internet are my little pony fans. and even then they don't need to be to lol at this, but it helps.

10/10 hilarious, don't listen to the haters like yzerboy here

lol wut?

at first i was praying to god that it would pick up. then that funny thing happened and i laughed out loud. you loose a star for leading me on, but get everything else for delivery.


newgrounds needs it's own superjail series, this is it. this could be the thing that puts newgrounds on the map. not really, but this is damn good and i can't wait for more episodes of superjail, and episodes of this.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

fuck yeah! i watched a few episodes of superjail about a year ago. it's funny because people egged me on to make a show like that and then this comes about. funny how life works like that.

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