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mega48man's News

Posted by mega48man - May 5th, 2011

i'd love to put this on the art portal, it is technically a painting which abides by the rules of the portal, but alas the art portal is rigged so only the higher class can get in. i'll wait for that day to come when i'm scouted by someone other than an idiot.

this is a sick stencil graffiti piece i made. it's very similar to the last one i made with the exception that it's much bigger and i've incorporated the use of triple layer stencils; my face and the fire. the fire is totally taken from green day's 21st century breakdown, and i admit to taking it, so no calling me out on it.

if you like it and you haven't ever been unscouted from the art portal and you're an artist yourself, please scout me, that'd be grand!

Bombs bursting in Air

Posted by mega48man - April 27th, 2011

dear chairman tom fulp

because of your team's lack of effort put forth into the art portal, i denounce you from my respect and give you the "lazy ass of the week" award, congratulations, for the following reasons;

1; you don't let photography and other forms of art on the art portal.
even though i have seen excellent pieces on the art portal with photography elements been displayed on the art portal. While my art competition worthy pieces would be rejected, other's shine. i find this rather offensive to as an artist. there should be no rules for the art portal other than the usual no abusively offensive or obscene material (unless it's uses said material to convey a serious message, i would love to see someone push the boundaries in that manner).
the only medium allowed on the art portal, according to the written rules, are drawings either done on paper or on the computer. i understand that the celebrity flash artists at new grounds like johnny utah and stamper and so on are excellent at drawings and cartoons like the ones allowed in said rules. now this is extremely unfair because you're writing the rules so that you will be the best in the portal (with the exception of some great work i've seen by other artists), this a spit in the face to anyone who's proud to call their self an artist.

2; getting into the art portal
"just be patient, someone will see your work soon!" this is what newgrounds has told me before, and it's a load of crap. the only way to get into the art portal is to cry out for attention, which apparently is not allowed. how the hell does everyone else get into the art portal if they're at the same level i am? i'll never know.

3; ability to remain stable in the art portal.
i have been into the art portal twice now, only to be ripped of it's opportunities both times. during the most recent Newgrounds live broadcast i constantly annoyed people to see my artwork. one person did, and said person got me back into the portal. however, i've recently just be kicked out again. it's embarrassing to see that message telling me i've been "unscouted". personally, it's not only an insult to a serious artist like myself, but it's also taking away my ability to show case my artwork to people who would be interested.

and there you have it, i've said my piece mr. fulp. as you can see, i'm quite disgruntled by the way the art portal is run. writing the rules so the best stay the best and never care about the rest.

oh, and here's a little something i made last night using stencils (the autocratic and controlling attitude of nixon reminds me of someone >:C ). too bad i can't put it on the art portal. if tom fulp reads this, makes changes to the portal, and lets me in, maybe i make a stencil piece for pico day...


Posted by mega48man - April 15th, 2011


gave my presentation for the judges panel last wednesday day for the traub art scholarship competition, and i did insanely awesome. i made a bunch of really sick looking pieces yesterday and they look sick, i'm said that i didn't get to use them in my display.

i'll be uploading the rest on my deviant art page in the future, so check it out if you like this bullshit!


Posted by mega48man - February 9th, 2011


since the art portal won't let me upload my photo manipulations and deviant art is 1) too full of too many animetards to have enough insightful artists and 2) too annoying to go through uploading, i'm putting them here on my posts.

i'm pretty sure this is wallpaper size, or close to it.

this is a picture i took at a hockey rink down in holland michigan. if you recongize it and you live close to there, don't worry, the rainbow bunchie is not real. i repeat, it isn't real, you have nothing to worry about....



Posted by mega48man - February 9th, 2011

i have some problem with the voting buttons. every time i try to vote, the page i'm on goes straight to the top and my vote doesn't register. anyone know what's going on? did i do something wrong on newgrounds? do i just need to restart or even switch browsers?

more importantly, is this happening to anyone else?

Posted by mega48man - January 20th, 2011

i know i'm not supposed to do this, but the FAQ said with at least 4 art entires, i'd be scouted eventually. well, i've had 5 up and it's been waaaay longer than eventually. i see peoples drawings of dicks and stuff go up instantly (even though that's not allowed) and i've got some cool designs i've been wanting to share.

so check out my stuff, i hope you like it!

check out my art!

Posted by mega48man - January 3rd, 2011

happy new year to everyone on newgrounds! yes, it it the 3rd, but i don't give a bloody damn what day it is, i just hope everyone's having a terrific new year thus far! 362 days until 2012, so make 2011 a good year until then.

Posted by mega48man - January 20th, 2010

i was just playing punk-o-matic 2 for about an hour straight, it's seriously addicting. in that time, i made two songs, and this one kick serious ass

(Battle Cry - The March to War)df-vdrdrbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt -gbt-gbt-gcQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-gbt-g bt-gbt-kbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-gbt-Z-Z -Z-Z-D,ap-dnk-cnk-cnf-knk-cnk-cnk-cnk-
cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-cn k-cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-Akh-Enk-cnk-cnk-cnk-
cnk-cnk-cnk-cnk-Z-Z-Z-Z-X,ak-Ngb-cgb-c ga-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb -cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-ggb-c gb-cgl-cgz-cgx-ggB-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb -cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-cgb-Z -Z-Z-Z-z,if-Z-lkc-ant-akc-ano-ant-cnq-
cnt-cno-kax-caQ-cbj-cbC-cbV-cco-Ymy-cm A-cmA-cmx-cmc-cmw-cnU-clZ-clG-cnU-cmz-

i'm not into punk rock, but this is an opportunity for me to see if i really can make heavy metal. i think i'm ready to go but garage band and make some METAL!!!

Posted by mega48man - May 11th, 2009

all right! my very first youtube video! i know i sound like a prick when i say this, but i think this video's a big hit. everyone i've shown it to so far has either loved it, or ended up rolling on the floor laughing (hence the achronym: ROFL) true story to, my friend seriously couldn't stop laughing.


it was a video for a science project. once i figured out i was gonna have mac to pc conversion problem, i realized i needed a better medium. thank god for youtube. anyway, it was for chemistry. we had to make a chemical compound (a solute and a solution) and then sell it.

in the video, the kid playing mario kart is a friend of mine, and i am Cpt. Communist.......
.......communize ME cpatian!!!

/* */

Posted by mega48man - November 5th, 2008

I JUST REALIZED!!! today marks the first aniversity of my account on newgrounds!!! .... :D ..... OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! ironically, my favorite band, AC/DC, is also putting on a concert at the palace tonight, near where i live. now how should i celebrate this occasion???


I KNOW!!!!