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Posted by mega48man - November 4th, 2008

yay! election day is TODAY! (too bad i can't vote though) if i COULD...obama! yeah, everyone else is rooting for him, but that doesn't mean the win will be by a long shot. mccain and obama are quite evenly matched, obama leading though. but one thing i wanna know is why everyone calls the candidates for every election by their last name. bullies adress people by their last name at my school, people should adress others by their first name as a sign of respect, wtf?

_____________________________________A NYWAY________________________

this post took me an extremely long time to write, so please, be considerate and respond thoughtfully.

To follow along in the next paragraph, here's a link I found on the electoral college voting system, it's proven to be extremely helpful and fun to experiment with


apparently, mccain has the votes a lot of the mid west and central states, but not all of them. The actual population in those states (which determines that's states voting power) is low by comparison to the east and west coast. obama on the other hand has the northern east coast, west coast, northern Midwest, and Colorado and new mexico. the majority of the voters are seem to be in obama's favor here. so while obama's few states (he's been getting more) are strong in population, mccain's many states (decreasing in number) outnumber obama but are fewer in voters. Of course, a candidate only needs 270 ellectoral votes to win the campaign, and obama has a remarkable 286 votes. Mccain on the other hand has 157, which at this point in the race is a huge problem.
I'm sure any respectable RTS gamer can easily understand the meaning of that :D.
Perhaps if mccains whistle in his voice hadn't reminded voters so much of Herbert, the old pedifile who loves chris in family guy, they would look more likely to him.

i threw this video in for fun, thought you guys might enjoy it.

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ok, back to being serious

IF ANYONE ASKS WHY I'M SO SERIOUS, you won't get a cookie, you'll get a BACKHAND! SMACK!!!

now everyone's aware of the current economic crisis, the economy has been in the worse shape it's ever been since the great depression during 1929-1933 (1933, thats when hitler became the dictator of germany, connection?...no, i'm just kidding) so with wallstreet in distress, both candidates propose economic plans to fix the crisis.....

mccain-mccains proposal is a 52 billion $ plan with new tax cuts on capital gains, tax breaks for seniors, and white offs for stock losses.

obama- obama's proposal is a 60 billion $ plan in tax cuts for middle income and lower income people, more tax breaks to create jobs, and new spending for public work projects to create jobs.

We can see here that obama wants to spend more money on his plan, which many people might get concerned about, but they have to consider where that money's going to. Mccain in a way doesn't acknowledge those who are critically affected by the mortage crisis as much as those who aren't. On the other hand, his straight-forward attitude wants him to take on the problem straight at the source. Now of course, this is a strategic planned out take on the problem, a way that sounds very descent and understandable, but has it's negative effects. Obama on the other hand has come up with a plan the eliminates the negative effects brought out in mccains plan and it gives the American people what they've been wanting.

Here's the third and last presidential debate, where in the first 10 minutes they talk about their economic plans.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/DvdfO0 lq4rQ&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/DvdfO0lq 4rQ&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

No as to why more people like obama than mccain, first, if you watched the SNL presidential bash '08 last night, it's clear that the relationship between mccain and bush doesn't look very good at all on mccain. Not only that, mccains honesty thing goes a bit too far, mccain tells people what he really thinks. Now what one person thinks is their opinion, which might be different from another person. Unfortunately, mccain want another person to vote for him, but with the way mccain's been talking, that other person might not vote for him.

As for obama, he really shows he has great people skills here. He tells people what they want to hear, like tax cuts for everyone (middle and lower income people) and he really connects with the voters. Notice how mccain treats everyone like he would treat himself. Now some people don't want to get treated like a senior citizen. Obama recognizes what people want, and he tells them what he's gonna do for them.

Well, that's all for my useless ranting, I'm just glad to get that out there.


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election 08

Posted by mega48man - October 11th, 2008






i'm sure you are all aware of the constant spam and beatings newgrounds has been taking from those arrogant jerk spammers. for those who are new to this, don't feel left out, i'll clue you in.
-there's two kinds of spam flashes and two kinds of spammers
-long, drawn out, random flashes that usually probably have some horribly drawn sexual (and i quote) "humor" and may even try to portray their flash as something else entirly, much like mastermind 4 5 and 6, which were not submited by the swain.

-massive collabs that involve many different flash authors (a lot of times, the same authors for different 'collabs') and have the same content as any other spam flash, annoying seisure giving slide shows of genitilia. i know, doesn't sound pleasant, and it is not.

artists (at least that's what they call themselves)
-singles indivduals who have either a few or many different accounts on newgrounds so they can include all of their accounts under collabs, (which by the quality can clearly be pointed out as non0collab effort) and they use their seperate accounts to vote 5 on their flashes and vote 0 on actually good flashes, like the metal awesome movies for example, which would have a 5/5 if it weren't for these people.

-groups who number in the masses that individually create flashes and submit them, then vote 5 on their horrible flash and 5 on all of their co-worker's flashes. and of course, they and their team vote 0 on all of the good flashes, which is why no flash on newgrounds actually has a 5/5.
(ok, i know, flashes can't actually get 5/5 because the more votes there are, the less each new vote changes the score, but hey, you know they rate low anyway)

we can all agree that the so called "kitty krew" is one of these spammers. they submit the some of the most annoying flashes here on newgrounds, and everyone is wondering "howcome these things don't get blammed?" this goes for every other spam out there, well, here's why: these submissions don't break any of the flash submission rules. not of course, this is just the kk (kitty krew) submissions, which is simply a trademarked cat dancing on a plain constantly color changing background. a huge amout of other spam flashes show a lot of offensive views. for instance, i was look around on some of these spam flashes to help support my argument, and instead of "everything by everyone" under the loader bar, it said "everything by jews"...what the hell? i also found a spammer who i found in a collab spam under the name "n****r the hedgehog" i know it's just a name, but come on. it's insulting to our speedy little blue friend, and my best friend (who is black) thinks black people reffering to other black people as 'n***a'/'n****r' is completely offensive to the entire african american population.

i left some links at the top of the page, these links go to the typical spam flashes and typical spam artists, so take a look just to see what we're dealing with. don't forget to veiw the kitty krew newgrounds page, it's the definition of group spammer. notice that the kitty krew has submited more flashes than our beloved egoraptor. now Egoraptor created his account in 2001, and the kk created it's account (i don't use the word they because i don't respect them enough for that) and that is disturbing.

now we all want the spammers gone, right? well, we can't just report them, it doesn't work like that. so i made this petition, in hopes to help newgrounds and make it better for everyone. so if you share my opinion and want these spammers gone, you can reply and say you want them gone. also, if you come across a spam flash, post it in a reply along with the names of the author(s).

with any luck, an admin will notice this and pitch in to.

-it is time to end the spamming on newgrounds, once and for all, but everyone needs to help. after all, everything by everyone-

"blam the spam!" the petition

Posted by mega48man - May 27th, 2008

.Call of Duty siteCall of Duty United Offensive siteCall of Duty 4 site

Hello to anyone reading this, i've most recently been in a heated debate with one of my friends about which Call of Duty game is better, COD United Offensive (including COD1) or COD4. i say CODUO (and COD1).

i know COD4 has way better graphics, more weapons, much fast fps rate, and just cooler in general, but whatever happened to WWII? "world war 2? what's world war 2? i've never heard of world war 2" if you can find anyone who doesn't know what WWII is, TELL ME WHERE THEY LIVE SO I CAN GO PEARL HARBOR ON THEIR ASS.

when i played COD1 and CODUO for the first time, the cinematic game play was extraordinary, i felt like i was actually in WWII, in foy, noville, ste marie egilse, sicily, holland, kursk, karkhov, it was all to real. when i watched scenes from "Band of Brothers", I was thinking "this has to be the Call of duty Movie!!!" the places they went and the sound of their voice sounded too much like the stuff from the game!!! I remember one time i brought my laptop over to my grandpa's house (you see where this is going) to show him the british bomber level because he was in the Air force during the end of WWII, so he knew exactly what a B-17 looked like inside and out. he was just overjoyed by the game play when i showed it to him, he even let me go downstairs and put on his breathing mask, it reeked of dust, but it was still cool!

and then there's COD4, ugh. the game kicks ass, it's extremely better than the first 3, multiplayer is SO MUCH FUN, but single player isn't as great. there are just too many games like COD4 like any tom clancy game where it's modern day warfare or any other war based game (except any medal of honor game) there's just too much of that these days. the storyline isn't like the original 3 games, it's totally made up. the terrorists are made up and the locations are all in the middle east, but still made up. like if i go to one of the places from the game in the the real world, i doubt i'll find the same exact buildings and roads like you can in CODUO.

CODUO is just as good as COD4

Posted by mega48man - April 5th, 2008

yeah, it's dragonforce. they're pretty good. although i have to admit, i am like all other newbies who found out about dragonforce on guitar hero three. i don't know why, but who cares anyway? so, for those you want some advice on what dragonforce is (to all you newbies) or if you wanna find some REALLY good dragonforce songs, here are my favorites...

-through the fire and flames
-lost souls in endless time (inhuman rampage special edition)
-operation ground and pound
-where dragons rule (super awsome!)
-my spirit will go on
-once in a lifetime
-fury of the storm
-solders of the wasteland
-strike of the ninja

these are just the best in my opinion. but if you ask a dragonforce fan, they'll say the same.