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i have never laughed so fuckin hard i cried. on youtube i honestly thought this was the new song when second. how the fuck do i make this my ringtone? give me 10 minutes...




shoulda put this down as techno, i love that synth

oh yeah

this reminds me a little bit of ICED EARTH. is that what you were going for? if not, stil awesome, i like it.

wanna know what i think i could use? epic octave scale up at the end. a lot of songs do it, right after you do the last chorus at the end, build up to and do a second chorus one octave higher than normal. you're an artist, you know what i mean :p

could use improvement

i liked the riff you set up, it stands on it's own pretty well. you could set a drum rythm in the background though. they have those online if you need one. however, if your going for thrash, your not there yet listen to some early Motorhead, early Slayer, early Megadeth, early Metallica, and maybe some early Anthrax. that's real thrash metal.

in other words, you're not thrashing HARD enough, your going to slow. don't be afraid to play lightning fast on your guitar. it's not a fragile piece of glass, its a muscle, it's strong enough to take such a beating. that tapping part you did was pretty cool though.

listen to raining blood (Slayer), Mermaider and Laser cannon death sentance (by dethklok), metal militia (metallica), and these motorhead songs; Iron fist, Back at the Funny Farm, Ace of Spades, speedfreak, love me like a repitle, and rock out. this should get you on the thrashing mindset

by the way, this sounds like something you recorded in Punk-o-matic 2 or something.


i was lookin at the new stuff on the audio portal forever and all i found was techno, then i found this! this is awesome! it's loops perfectly, double pedal, super super fast solo, this loop would be perfect to listen to while playing thing thing or boxhead.

you should totally make another version of this loop but make it longer, and a second solo (you could even throw some tapping in there! put one figner on the 5th fret e string, then one on 8th fret same string, then take a finger on your other hand and press down on the 12th fret really hard, flick it, then pull off your 8th fret finger, pretty easy)

you could even add some lyrics, just make 'em thrash metal. usually related to war or government. or deth metal vocals, growls about....um.... the deth gods of battalimotika, i dunno, i know you can do it!

skwidkid responds:

How about a whole new song or loop? I personally think this one lacks much true metallic value. Thanks a lot btw!

combat, right.

you you combat music? you want fight music? i'll f***ing give you fight music!!!
"gears of war" by Megaeth-
http://search.playlist.com/tracks/gea rs%20of%20war
this song is freakin awesome

"still in the dark" by Guilty Gear X-
http://search.playlist.com/tracks/sti ll%20in%20the%20dark
make sure you listen to the one by guilty gear X, not the other ones, they suck

here are some tips on making epic fight music that will give any flash style (depending on the situation of course, and no, i am not some 12 year old who thinks he knows it all, i KNOW how to make an entrance)

based on what's going to be in the flash detirmines what type of music you need, aka, setting the mood.
-if it's a sunny day and all the neighborhood kids are outside playing, you might want to use something cheerful like the rolling stones.
-if you are at the most gruesome war in the history of mankind where things don't look good when suddenly Marcus comes in to save the day, play something EXTREME, LIKE DISTURBED, SLIPKNOT, METALLICA, MEGADETH.
-if you're in a stealth mission like something from MGS or splinter cell, you would play something quiet and subtle but climatic all the same, something techno like MGS music.

its all about mood, stlye, setting, and good taste. thanks for listening.


you did a good job remaking it and all, but it's a little too techno. i'm listening to the real version off youtube right now, and it's got a really deep tone to it. i like hawke theme mainly because of how evil and epic it sounds. every time he takes his turn i feel like something extremely bad is gonna happen, which is usually the case (why'd he target my infantry!?!?! i need them to capture that airport! SHIT!) i saw your comment under Telhas's comment, so i won't harras you further, but some good additions you could make....at the begginging, there's that building up music before it goes to the main part, keep that part quiet. it's what makes it so epic and cool. i think if listen to the real hawke's theme (from advanced wars 2 on the GBA, that was the good one) over and over, you should be able to produce something really hardcore.

ShAdOxViRuS responds:

I know what you mean.
I actually wasn't too proud of the way this one turned out, to be honest.
Once I learn some tricks, I'll revamp it.

(my hands are doing the spider man thing upwards)

that was pretty sweet! thats just what the dying world of rock needs to stay alive and rise up against the ever growing forces of rap! hey, during the chorus, that got kinda dragonforce there, very nice. and during the guitar solo, that was sorta like lost prophets. sweet. songs about destiny like this are always cool in rock. great job!

very nice

if i made a flash movie with an evil lair in it, i'd use this for the music. it really sets the mood you should feel during a movie when the bad recites his entire master plan to his minions, yeah, that little 8 minute scene. nice job.

EpicMastermind responds:

As a matter of fact, whilst creating this song I began formulating my speech to humanity following the dawn of my new era...

i'm not the jesus of suburbia / i'm not the enemy / my name is jake eagle / the victor of society!

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