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this is insane!

i mean it! there's probably something out there that does this better, but i haven't seen it, and this is on newgrounds. i can use this to find new bands for genres i like or genres i want to find more artists in. and imagine how many other people who find this could be exposed to good music! hell, i saw pendulum show up on my first luck search, that says something! (but there's also a bunch of really random forgein stuff. i'm not against it, but when it's really random i just go right to the skip button)

sorry chum

i see you put a ton of work into it, the whole "evolution revolution" really grabbed me and sucked me in. the evolution path and awesome soundtrack was pretty sweet to, and the visuals looked fantastic, but as a game, i felt it was lacking fun, at least for a while.

top down shooters aren't as fun if it's auto-fire, at least make auto-fire an unlockable or cheat. the procedurally generated enemies are nice, but there's no fun it's predictable from the very start. learning which ways the ships go through experience is much more fun, it gives a challenge to the game and it's much more engaging for the player.

however, it got a lot more fun once dogging bullets becomes the primary concern over blasting baddies. and beating the first mini-boss is quite satisfying. but what was that about secondary fire increased? is there a second weapon i don't know about? a tutorial or button map for these things would be nice to.

so i'm not saying it's a bad game, i'm just thrown off by how non-traditional it is. take raidenx for example, in my opinion it is one of the greatest top-down jet fighter flash games of all time (and i have beaten it, the ending is so glorious and satisfying). raidenx should be used as a template for future top-down shooter games.

this is great!

i know how hard it is to make flash, i've done it myself, and this shows you guys put work into making a something really funny and entertaining, ioved the whole idea of it, great job!!!

it's bitter sweet

a very fun and addicting game, that helps me look over the COUNTLESS spelling errors. however, this game is just too damn f**king LONG. and there is no difficulty, it's just a matter of patience. i've been playing this game straight for a little over an hour now and i'm only 3 missions away from the final mission. and each mission at this point takes aprox. 15-20 minutes each.

if there was a fast forward button, that would of been great.

and this music is so F**KING ANNOYING. yes, it's cool, i liked it when i first heard it, BUT THERE'S ONLY ONE DAMN TRACK IN THIS ENTIRE GAME. maybe you could of mixed it up and had multiple techno loops for each planet instead of one already repetitive one.

10/10 for fun, 7/10 for some flaws, and lastly 6/10 for being such a huge waste of time.

has some bugs

this game is great and i wanna play the whole game through...but the game doesn't seem to wanna have that happen

autofire and charge it upgrades don't work. i equip them in the bar, i fire a billion rounds in the bar, i can't charge in the bar, and then i can't autofire or charge in the levels.

SAVE GAME, everytime i hit continue, IT STARTS ME OVER AGAIN, GOD DAMMIT!!!

this is an even worse problem when everytime i get to the boss with the dick gun, second stage, the flash freezes up and i have to exit/reload the page, WHICH MEANS I HAVE TO START THE WHOLE GAME OVER AGAIN....AND AGAIN...AND AGAIN.

PLEEEEASE fix these things so i can see the end of the game!!!

simply amazing

best newgrounds game i've ever seen, except castle crashers but that's b/c it's multiplayer and on my xbox.but o
conrtols-great, very basic, and i like basic

music-the SoS always do a good job, but you're Evil-Dog! you should of used your own music! i would of loved ripping through zombies at 200 mph with an armored black mustang listening to something with the murmaider/raining blood riff. DANALA, DANALA, DANALA, DANALA,

concept-i love it. the highway is at the top of my no-go places in almost all my zombies plans, so to put in the #1 death trap of a zombie invasion is interesting. oh, the government are trying to kill me to, i thought that was a lovely touch.


this is why two bombs weren't enough

i like hentai and all, but i'm impatient and i haven't found any.

also, why are all the expensive girls not hot? i'm seeing cheaper ones with size e's and then 700 girls who are not only flat but also underaged.

seriously, don't just take pictures from that mainstream anime crap you watch (like chihiro? come on, that's not even suggestive) take picture of HENTAI. try that.

also, this game is dull and complicated

i can't move

i don't know if you intended it like that, but i can't move, the left and right arrow keys and the A key don'y do anything.

imjeffhip responds:

i don't know, try using a different browser or reloading it

to difficult

i'll have almost enough gems to set the boulder back, but then the gem is either on the complete opposite side of the hallway or right behind a tribute to ancient indian bombs (YES, I KNOW there's a medal for it, but i don't wanna get blown apart into little mohicans!!!) and billabo is right, the controls are indeed another FU from shia le beuof. i don't want to roll, i just don't want to miss picking up the gem, oh well, instead i rolled right into a mexican indian bomb and i was crushed like a really damn big german standing under an experimental airplane prop that was running.

how ever, as a little footnote to tell us about you new upcoming movie, GREAT! (i just don't see what it has to do with all of you, it looks like it's about indiana jones but that's fine by me, BECAUSE I'LL BE TRYING TO BEAT THIS ALL NIGHT!!!)

it's good, but frustrating

this is a great idea for a game, i like it, but the controls piss me off too much. that and the difficulty curve is way higher than the learning curve. i bite my thumb in anger every single time i mistake the D key for A, and vise versa. plus, the arrow keys move you respectfully to whatever direction you are or you're gonna land, making it almost impossible to move while rotating (unless you have brilliant motor skills. if rotating were a bit easier and movement weren't so slidy, i'd give it a ten.

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